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Mobilize your real estate marketing - with REAL POCKET!

How it works

  • Mobile Exposés

    Step 1: Create Mobile Exposés and Mobile Business Cards

    Right after registering and entering your company data you're ready to go: Creating Mobile Exposés works similar to other real estate broker websites - fill in a from with estate information and upload some pictures or documents.

    To create Mobile Business Cards simply enter personal contact information like name and phone number. You can choose to add links to facebook, twitter, Xing and other social networks. Create Business Cards for everybody working at your company!

  • QR Code Immobilien Poster

    Step 2: Assign and use QR-Codes

    QR-Codes are generated automatically. You can customize the codes for mobile business cards to your liking, e.g. integrate a logo or adjust colors. Your QR-Code is then available for download in various formats so you can add it to advertisements or print materials.

    Want to advertise directly on the premises? Order our high quality posters with dynamic (reusable) QR-Codes. You can easily assign Mobile Exposés to a poster and update the assignment once you move the poster to a different location.

  • Qr Code Statistiken

    Step 3: Manage, update and monitor from everywhere

    Whether it's changing a Mobile Exposé, updating a Mobile Business Card or assigning a QR-Code poster to another real estate object: log into REAL POCKET using your smartphone or tablet and use your time efficiently (e.g. while waiting for prospective customers to arrive on location).

    Furthermore you can view statistics while on the go and track interest in specific estate offers.

Pricing & Packages

REAL POCKET adapts to your needs. You choose and benefit from top offers.

30 days free trial period for all packages!

What our customers say

Jan Berghs

"Yesterday in Berlin, today in London, tomorrow in Amsterdam. With REAL POCKET I've got my real esate marketing tool always in my pocket!"

J. Berghs, Chairman of the Board EIG AG
Dirk Hindrichs

"A big step forward for real estate marketing implemented perfectly. I think everybody in our business can profit greatly from this product."

D. Hindrichs, CEO Rhein Real Immobilien